Ali Quintero

Growing up in Venezuela's impoverished areas, playing tennis seemed unreachable due to financial struggles. Yet, my passion ignited, driving my determination. With entrepreneurial fervor, I embarked on crafting top-notch pickleball gear, merging affordability with style and performance. My goal extends beyond business; it's about demonstrating that commitment and excellence can overcome any obstacle. Daily, I'm propelled by the urge to impart pickleball's teachings to upcoming generations, particularly those confronting similar obstacles. Each victory strengthens my ambitions, propelling me to envision grander dreams and set loftier goals.

Ali Quintero
Founder and Tournament Player

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Yen Cárdenas

I was raised with the inspiring example of my father, who not only pursued his education but also tirelessly supported his siblings, lifting them from poverty. From a young age, I learned success required hard work, dedication, and courage. For over 25 years, I've dedicated myself to television, earning accolades like the Emmy, Promax, Telly, and Imagen Awards. TV isn't just a job—it's my passion. I believe in the power of a united team to achieve extraordinary feats.

Yen Cárdenas
Co Founder and VP Global Sales

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Danielle Gamarra

As a proud Panamanian, I believe in my country's potential for growth. Success is my driving force. As a dedicated law student and top-ranked player in Panama, I aim to share my sports knowledge with future generations. My goal goes beyond personal achievement; I want to inspire children, particularly those lacking access to equipment or classes, to compete like me

Daniel Gamarra
Exe Tournamnet Player


Aranza Benitez

I'm Aranza Benitez, a Panamanian born and bred in a family that cherished hard work and perseverance. As an only child, I learned early on the importance of discipline and dedication in achieving dreams. With a degree in Business, I explored diverse opportunities beyond conventional paths. While initially passionate about tennis, I found my calling in pickleball, where my talent catapulted me to prominence within Panama's pickleball community. Today, I'm among Panama's top pickleball players, driven not just by personal success but also by a desire to enhance my country's reputation globally. I aspire to inspire future generations and proudly serve as an ambassador for Panamá in the realm of pickleball.

Aranza Benitez
EXE Tournament Player